My Bootcamp

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The  Zombie  Apocalypse  Is  Now...

Look around you - they're everywhere... At the mall, on the freeway, in front of the TV and they're even at the gym; running on the treadmill!! They wander through life mindlessly... void of purpose. Walking the sidewalks lost in their smartphones... they look just like you and me! They exist, but they have no life. They have a heart but no passion. We must flee; we must not become one of them... we must not be consumed.

Are You Prepared?

If you are not careful, you will become consumed by the Zombie way of life. Once consumed, you will become overweight and lethargic and your body will begin to break down before your eyes. Your temper will shorten and you'll anger easily. You'll be impatient; your mind will slow and you'll have difficulty remembering simple things. You'll be sick often... You'll be unable to sleep at night and unable to stay awake during the day.

The time is now... You must escape!! But can you? Are you prepared? We reject the Zombie existence!! The Zombie Apocalypse is now, and if you're with us, you'll need to prepare for the Battle of Life !!

At MyBootcamp it is our goal to prepare our members for LIFE - and life is filled with unknowns and inevitable - twist, turns, and obstacles to get over, under and around. In life we will also need the strenth to lift heavy things and carry them long distances, and the ability to defend ourselves . If you are unhappy, merely existing but still have the wish to thrive; you've found your home. Join us as we prepare for the Battle of Life!