My Bootcamp

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What Our Trainees Have to Say

At its core, a bootcamp is a transformation. More specifically, your bootcamp is all about your journey to reach your true potential. We’ll help you prepare for a wide variety of goals such as becoming fitter, more active, stronger, sharper, and more energetic. Whatever your transformation may be, that’s My Bootcamp.

To learn more about the transformative power of our workout and nutritional programs, read the testimonials from our clients in North Phoenix, Arizona.

What I find most inspiring in my transformation since starting MyBootcamp isn’t necessarily losing weight or going down a pant size. In fact, I’m still the same size that I’ve always been – even though I’m SO much more slim and toned that I ever thought I’d be. What has transformed is my confidence and the shift in my attitude from 'Why should I do that?' to 'Why not!'

- Amy

A total life changer… Did as much for me mentally as it did for my physically.

- Helene

I still remember how I felt when I signed up to train with MyBootcamp… I was tired of being unhealthy, having very little stamina and not looking like the person I remember being. And I missed her. So when I heard about MyBootcamp, I was fascinated …and a little terrified too…I’ve come down two and a half dress sizes (when my goal was to drop one size). My biceps – yes, I have biceps! – are super-sexy….But the real change, that I love more than any amount of sexiness in the world, has been inside. In my confidence; in my belief in what I can accomplish; in my eating habits; in my focus…and all this is making my life better than it’s ever been before.

- Shonali

MyBootcamp has changed my life. I have never felt better about myself mentally or physically. I have more confidence now and that has shown in my career and life in general. Physically, I can complete tasks easier and have much more energy to get things done throughout the day. Do I hate workout out some days? Absolutely. However, my motivation comes from looking in the past and all the success I have had and what great benefits are going to come.

- Brad

I have never been in such great shape and I love my new muscles!

- Jane

I have three kids and a very busy career. MyBootcamp is my time, it’s how I destress. I love everything about it, from the great community atmosphere to the coaches who push me beyond what I think I can do!

- Dana